Latest Edition of The Milken Dialogues Unites Finance, Philanthropy, and AI Innovation

Latest Edition of The Milken Dialogues Unites Finance, Philanthropy, and AI InnovationFew names are more recognized in the global financial industry than that of Michael Milken, the American financier and billionaire who is better known today for his philanthropic efforts. By founding the Milken Institute in 1991, the billionaire opened the doors to a new world in which finances and philanthropy could not only coexist but empower each other. Now, with the latest edition of “The Hampton’s Dialogues” completed, this synergy is becoming clearer than ever before.

The Hamptons were chosen as the backdrop for this event almost ten years ago. Over this decade, the Hamptons Dialogues has raised millions of dollars for medical research every year while also offering a unique space for world-class figures to discuss philanthropy, finance, politics, and technology.  The event took place along with an annual Gala and PCF Pro-Am Tennis Tournament.

This year, however, a distinct buzz surrounded the inclusion of entrepreneur Ahmed Reza among the lineup of speakers. The inclusion of Reza, who has made a name for himself over the past decades as a top expert in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and CEO of AI startup Yobi, is not surprising by itself given his status as a Milken Scholar and his regular attendance to the event. However, his attendance as a speaker is a reflection of the increasing interest and concern around AI.

“Being part of the Hamptons Dialogues was a pleasure and an honor and a chance to connect with the experts, investors, and entrepreneurs who are changing the world,” says Reza, a Cornell University graduate and former NASA Software Engineer. “As one of the most promising technologies of our times, AI has the potential to change the world as we know it. By sharing my expertise, I believe I can help to make this change a positive one.”

Reza’s groundbreaking work in revolutionizing communication using AI technology to develop synthetic agents has earned him the recognition of his peers and that of global organizations and leaders. Reza’s efforts to help aspiring entrepreneurs have also made him a major player in Florida’s tech boom, further cementing his reputation as a powerhouse in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

“Financial markets, supply chain management, customer service, healthcare, and banking… no area will remain untouched by AI,” adds Reza. “ The Hampton Dialogues offered a unique opportunity for experts from all corners of the world and industries to share our insights, concerns, and expertise in harnessing the transformative power of AI. I believe the resulting conclusions will be pivotal in helping to shape the future of the global economy.”

Reza, a childhood-television host turned entrepreneur, has emerged as a leader in the AI space. In 2002, he worked as an engineer on the Spitzer Space Telescope under James R. Houck at Cornell, and later, oversaw a string of acquisitions at Kinetics (acquired by NCI), and Dental Web Now (acquired by NPI) before diving into the AI space. Reza founded non-profit organization, TrepHub, as a startup accelerator and incubator located on Florida’s Space Coast. His current company, Yobi, builds artificial intelligence agents for customer acquisition and retention and won a Stevie Awards Best Use of AI & Machine Learning.

And with AI development and regulation now becoming a race for dominance between global powers, understanding the potential, risks, and ethical considerations of the technology is paramount. By boosting collaboration between industries, experts, and decision-makers from different backgrounds, forums like the Milke Dialogues will become increasingly important over the next few years.

“While AI is not the only technology we must watch for at this time, its reach and rapid development certainly gives it a central role that needs to be recognized,” concludes Reza. “As such, this should no longer be a matter of who is winning the race but a collective effort to ensure that AI development, safety and deployment are grounded in what’s best for all stakeholders.”